How to resume planning after your wedding’s been postponed

The last year or so has been a turbulent time for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic has no doubt put life on hold.

While the big occasions that we usually celebrate with our nearest and dearest have also regretfully had to be put on the backburner.

The pandemic saw thousands of weddings transferred, leaving couples everywhere heartbroken that their dream big days would have to wait.

Yet, with lockdown restrictions easing week-on-week, couples, venues like us that are so eager to host weddings once more, and the wider wedding industry can finally look forward to the future.

If your initial wedding has been transferred due to Covid, resuming wedding planning may not be as exciting or magical as it once was, particularly given the uncertainty that still lies ahead.

With our guide, you can look forward to your big day once again, dive into wedding planning, and stay motivated and enthused as you approach your new wedding date.

Make yourself a new list of planning priorities

It’s safe to say that your wedding wants and needs may have shifted after living through a pandemic.

Resume the planning process on the right foot by making yourself a new list of priorities. Go through every aspect of your wedding plans so far, and tackle each in order of importance to you and your partner.

You may find that the things you want from your wedding ceremony and reception differ from what you wanted when you were heading towards your initial wedding date.

Don’t second guess yourself when tackling wedding planning 2.0. Instead, use the opportunity to get to the root of what you both want and explore your options.

If there are changes afoot that involve your wedding vendors, let them know of your revised plans as soon as possible.

The same goes for those deadlines

Your previous wedding planning deadlines may be redundant, but don’t be tempted to proceed with planning without a new timeline in place.

Setting realistic deadlines for the completion of your new list of planning tasks will help you stay motivated and enthused as well as prevent procrastination.

It’ll also give you the chance to reward yourself. Set deadlines and milestones where you can treat yourself for all your hard work.

Relight that wedding planning fire

Putting those Covid-related challenges to one side and focusing on your new wedding plans isn’t easy.

You may be feeling less than enthusiastic about planning your wedding all over again. But relighting that wedding fire will help you see your wedding do-over in a new, positive light.

Spend time together as a couple to discover the real reason why you’ve put up with the heartache of a transferred wedding and are about to start planning all over again.

As you kick-start your wedding plans, you may want to read our guide to taking care of your relationship during the planning process.

Go and visit your wedding venue to visualise your big day in person and get those wedding planning juices flowing once more.

Here at Holmewood Hall, couples who have booked their wedding with us or those still looking can come and visit us. Whilst our 3D virtual tour allows you to view with loved ones and get their seal of approval.

Celebrate your original wedding date

There’s nothing like a good knees-up to lift the spirits, so why not mark the date you should have got married with a celebration of your own? It could even give you some ideas for your new wedding date. Here The Knot shares their ideas for marking your original wedding date:

“In the mood to hear some wedding party speeches? Organize a virtual cocktail hour with your friends and family. Gather everyone on a Zoom call or Google Hangout and encourage them to bring their own cocktails. Either make your own or pick up to-go cocktails from your favourite local spots. While you might not be able to come together physically, having your loved ones call in to your digital reception is a great way to take back your wedding date.”

You could also host a commitment ceremony, open a few wedding gifts, or even enjoy a low key celebration with just the two of you by dining alfresco or ordering your favourite takeaway meal. The latter is a great way to support local businesses!



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