How to use plaid at your winter wedding

How to use plaid at your winter wedding.

The start of another New Year brings a host of emerging trends to the wedding scene. Alongside the big wedding trends for 2024, the signature style of our celebrations is changing…

Pattern is set to be huge news during the year ahead, with one design in particular already influencing winter and autumn wedding colour palettes. In this blog post, we explore the plaid trend and the top ways to incorporate it on your wedding day.

What exactly is plaid?

The plaid pattern is of course no new thing. It is a design that has long been associated with heritage, with this iconic weave originating from our very own Scotland. The word ‘plaid’ didn’t always refer to the pattern, however. In the early days, plaid was the name given to the Celtic skirts people used to protect themselves from the harsher winter weather.

More recently plaid has been defined as a pattern, with this distinctive design either weaved into the fabric or printed. These days, the plaid pattern is generally referred to as tartan in its Scottish homeland, but look a little closer and you’ll see plaid and tartan are a little different.

Is it the same as tartan and check?

While often mentioned in the same breath, plaid, check and tartan are different but, as Treasurie explains, you’ll need a keen eye for detail and a little background knowledge to spot them:

“Checks or checked patterns are simpler than plaids and usually appear like tiles or miniature boxes. In comparison, regular or modern-day plaid patterns typically consist of vertical and horizontal stripes that don’t usually have the same colours. The squares don’t have to be symmetrical all the time, as they may vary in the bands’ widths. On the other hand, you can consider tartan as a sub-category of plaids…”

How can I embrace plaid on my wedding day?

Whether it’s a plaid, check or tartan pattern that’s caught your eye, incorporating it into your wedding theme and scheme is easy, and you can go as big or small with plaid as you like.

Stylish grooms for instance can use plaid as the basis for a bolder suit design, and winter is the perfect time to embrace this patterned perfection. Woven plaid materials are after all thicker than other commonly used wedding suit fabrics, making them ideal for keeping those chills at bay. A plaid pocket square will work a treat if you don’t want to wear an all-over pattern.

Plaid is the perfect material to decorate your tablescapes too, whether used as a runner, covering, napkin or chair decoration. Your ceremony look can also be given a touch of plaid. Wrap plaid material around your bouquets, invest in a plaid ring pillow, or accessorise your bridesmaids and groomsmen with plaid details to let your love of this iconic design shine through.

Give wedding guests a hint of your plaid theme long before your big day with plaid-inspired wedding invitations.

Where should I host my plaid-themed wedding?

As the only wedding venue in Peterborough, we’ve proudly hosted weddings of all shapes, sizes and styles here at Holmewood Hall. Our stunning Tudor Gothic-style mansion and grounds can be personalised to your preferences if you have your heart set on a plaid-themed occasion or something a little simpler.

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