How not to let wedding planning take over your relationship

With your wedding planning journey set to stretch out months or even years, and a thousand and one things to do as your wedding date approaches, other areas of your life can be impacted too.

Your relationship, in particular, can be put under strain during this period, and many couples find that the romantic and magical journey to the altar can be filled with stress.

Planning a wedding is a huge commitment but it’s important to take steps to focus on each other and not let wedding planning take over so you can enjoy your engagement too.

Read our top tips for looking after your relationship during this exciting yet demanding time.

Put things into perspective

Couples put so much pressure on themselves to have the perfect day. While here, at Holmewood Hall, our mission is to make every wedding we host the experience the couple have always dreamed of, it’s easy for the couple to lose perspective during the planning process.

When wedding planning stress does get on top of you both, remind yourself or each other that a wedding lasts a day but marriage lasts a lifetime.

By recognising this, you can put stress to one side and realise that the most important thing is your relationship.

Prioritise communication

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and will certainly help to keep your marriage on track later down the line. Start as you mean to go on – as an open book.

Be honest with your fiancé at every stage of wedding planning, and encourage the same in return.

No one is better placed to understand what you are going through. By talking it over, you can share your feelings, discuss anything that’s overwhelming you, and resolve problems together.

Make time for the two of you

Weekly date nights are great ways to hit the refresh button on your relationship after a stressful week of planning.

Making time for each other and even banning any talk of wedding planning will provide the respite you need and help you to get back to what this whole thing is all about – the two of you.

If money is a little tight (you are planning a wedding after all!), you’ll want to check out these budget-friendly date ideas.

Simply spending quality time together, whether that’s snuggled up on the sofa or enjoying a meal out, will give you time to reconnect and escape the craziness of wedding planning.

Share the responsibility

The best weddings are celebrations that reflect both the bride and groom, as well as their relationship so far. To achieve just that it’s vital that you make wedding planning a joint effort.

Sharing the responsibility of planning the biggest day of your life is far from the passion killer many think it is.

By working together during this stressful time, you can support each other and harness an even greater appreciation of the skills and qualities that brought you together in the first place.

Speak their language

Contrary to popular belief, the language of love is not French. Defining your love language and doing the same for your partner can ensure greater understanding, especially when things are tense, and even improve your relationship.

Here Parsimony Inspired explains the basics:

“There are 5 main love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Knowing what your and your partner’s love languages are will help grow and improve your relationship.

How? Knowing their love language will help you learn how they best feel and embrace your love!”

Learning your love languages and acting accordingly will not only come in handy during the wedding planning process.

It’ll help improve your relationship and the way you show each other affection long after you say “I do”.


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