Let the wedding planning commence – top tips for staying organised

So, you’re engaged, congratulations! Now the fun can really begin. As well as being one of the most exciting and romantic times of your life, wedding planning is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of commitment. 

According to a recent survey, 96% of engaged or newlywed couples found wedding planning stressful, and we can see why! Wedding planning is expensive, hard work, and a rollercoaster of emotions. You’re certain to want everything to be just perfect, not just for your guests but for the two most important people, you and your soon-to-be husband or wife.

The secret to keeping wedding planning stress at a manageable level? Staying super organised. As the saying goes “planning makes perfect” but organisation will also keep you sane! 

Read on to discover our top tips for staying organised from the minute you get started on your wedding planning journey to the moment you make your Mrs or Mr status official on the big day itself.

Remember a list will be your best friend

Start as you mean to go on by investing in a wedding planner or scrapbook. Writing everything down will help no-end throughout the planning process. It’ll make it easier to organise every aspect of your wedding, from the big things to the little touches, as well as collect your ideas, thoughts and inspiration for all things wedding. 

Writing things down is also particularly therapeutic, and will allow you to keep a clear head so you can be the best version of you when planning the wedding day of your dreams.

To make your to-do list even more manageable, break it down into bite-sized chunks and tackle one task at a time. You may find it useful to revisit the list and reorganise your plan of action at various points throughout the wedding planning process.

Do what works for you when organising your to-do list, whether that means a smart colour coded system that only you can understand or a carefully assembled timeline. 

You don’t have to go completely old school with a paper and pen. Tech savvy couples will find getting organised on Google Drive or downloading a specific wedding planning app beneficial.

Share the burden of wedding planning

You don’t have to take on the huge task of planning your wedding alone. Don’t be afraid to lean on others. Your family and friends will provide a vital support network and they’ll be so eager to help. Find out how to keep the family involved in wedding planning here.

Hiring a professional wedding planner is another option that you may want to explore. Here at Country House Weddings, assistance from our personal wedding managers is all a part of the service. 

Our personal wedding managers will assist you every step of the way to make planning a breeze and ensure everything goes to plan on the big day.

Plan your big day together

Unfortunately, wedding planning can put a lot of pressure on your relationship. The never-ending to-do list, continuous wedding talk, endless decisions and associated money worries will all be bones of contention. 

But taking on the task of wedding planning together will ensure you’re there for each other throughout. Here The Everygirl explains more about how to feel like a team when planning your wedding:

“You might want to bottle everything up because you’re worried about causing conflict or think it would be terrible to fight in the middle of your engagement. But that usually ends up making you feel further apart and misunderstood. Instead, talk about how you’re feeling, share what’s really stressing you and explain why, and let your partner know if there’s anything specific they can do to help.”

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