How to cater to non-drinkers at your wedding

Cater to non-drinkers at your wedding.

Plus-one dilemmas aren’t the only wedding-related challenges couples organising their special days have to face. A growing number of people are drinking low or no alcohol drinks, providing couples and their chosen wedding venues with another type of wedding guest to cater for.

According to the latest research, more and more people in England are becoming non-drinkers, with 35% of men and 42% of women aged up to 24 years old choosing not to drink alcohol during the past 12 months. It’s not just the younger generation who is turning its back on their favourite tipples. An increasing number of people across every age group are embracing the benefits of cleaner, alcohol-free living.

Whether you like a drink or not, catering to both drinkers and non-drinkers on your wedding day is a must. Here we share our top tips for doing just that…

Consider a dry wedding

If you can’t beat them, join them! A growing number of marrying couples are opting to host dry weddings as Hitched explains:

“A study by Hitched found that 11% of our couples are having or considering having a dry wedding. Aside from religious reasons, some couples were making the choice out of respect for sober family members, while others don’t drink and simply didn’t want to pay for others to get tipsy on their day. What’s interesting is the number of couples that told us they’d like to have an alcohol-free wedding, but they feared the reaction of their guests.”

With plenty more mocktail recipes to try and alcohol-free alternatives on the scene, it is becoming very easy indeed to host completely dry weddings, with the results far from boring and utterly satisfying!

Work with your venue

Here at Holmewood Hall, we have a wide selection of non-alcoholic cocktails available as well as bottled non-alcoholic beer. Whether you want to go completely dry on your big day or cater to a small number of non-drinkers, our team can help with a tasty and well-thought-out range of drinks that satisfies every guest.

Add extra refreshments 

Helping everyone feel comfortable and included is of course important, whether you’re hosting an intimate occasion or a grander affair. Making space for additional water or soft drinks that younger guests and non-drinkers can help themselves to is a fantastic option for keeping everyone well-watered without causing too much of a fuss.

At this time of year, throwing a hot chocolate station into the mix is a great idea that’ll make every guest feel warm and welcome.

Don’t forget the toast

There are some parts of the traditional wedding timeline that involve raising a toast to the happy couple, and non-drinkers don’t have to miss out when toasting the newlyweds. For the toast, we can serve sparkling elderflower in champagne flutes for guests who may want to be discreet and not let other guests know that they aren’t drinking for whatever reason!

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