6 wedding day challenges – plus the hacks to overcome them!

No matter how many weeks, months or years you’ve been planning the biggest day of your life, you’re going to encounter some challenges. Whilst with the right level of organisation and a lot of patience, you can overcome the dramas you experience during the wedding planning process, being prepared for the difficulties you may face on the day itself is a must.

There are several wedding day challenges you may run into, here are the top six, along with the hacks you need to overcome them!

1. There’s wet or cold weather forecasted

When tying the knot on home turf, there’s always the chance that the weather might put a dampener on your very special occasion. Wet or cold weather is a possibility at any time of the year but with a bit of planning, you can make sure you’re prepared for anything.

It all begins with your venue choice. Thankfully, all our wedding venues (including Holmewood Hall) aren’t weather-dependent. Holmewood Hall offers a delightful mix of indoor and outdoor spaces for you to enjoy with your wedding guests on the big day.

Having a selection of umbrellas (which are perfect for protecting your guests come rain or shine) and blankets on standby will keep everyone dry, warm and happy in cold or wet weather. Add extra coverage to your ensemble too with a bridal cape or capelet.

2. It’s saying hot weather for my wedding day

With summer officially here, you may think that your weather worries are over. Hot weather however is just as problematic as wet or cold weather.

There are many ways you can help your guests keep their cool on hot days, including providing access to handheld fans, fresh drinks, and sunscreen. Read our guide to beating the heat on your wedding day for more tips.

3. I’m worried my guests will get a little too emotional

Your wedding day is certain to be a beautiful occasion to behold, and it’ll make many of your guests rather emotional, especially during the ceremony. There’s nothing wrong with shedding a tear or two, in fact, it’ll make your wedding day even more touching.

Give guests handkerchiefs or personalised pocket tissues as favours. They’re the perfect way to catch those tears of joy.

4. I need to keep younger guests entertained

If you’ve made the decision to invite children to your wedding, it certainly helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Bored, younger guests can after all be ticking time bombs.

Plan your wedding entertainment with every guest in mind. Garden games can be great additions for entertaining big and little kids alike. You could also incorporate a children’s playroom or table indoors to provide the perfect, all-weather space for games, arts, crafts and other activities.

Adding a movie room is another idea that will score you some points with kids and their parents as One Fab Day details:

“Keep kids happy by setting up a quiet area set up for a movie. Add comfy pillows and cushions, beanbags or kiddie chairs and pop on a movie. You could even provide mini bags of popcorn! This is also a great idea for wind-down time later in the evening before putting the kiddies to bed as they can switch into their pyjamas before settling in. If there’s no TV room, why not use a projector instead for extra novelty factor.”

5. I’m scared no one will sign my guest book

A guest book is the perfect memento, getting every guest to sign it however is less fun. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about such a task when marrying at Holmewood Hall.

Your Personal Wedding Manager will be on hand to circulate your guest book for you, meaning you can look back on your wedding day with pride for years to come.

6. I don’t want uncomfortable shoes to get in the way of my wedding

Whilst sky-high heels may finish your wedding ensemble to perfection, they’re not the best in terms of comfort. We always recommend that our brides have a spare pair of shoes – like a pair of classic, comfortable converse – to make sure blisters don’t get the better of them on their wedding days.

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