Couples don’t want things – they want funds! Experiences trump traditional registry lists

Since they were first introduced in the 1920s, gift registries have been a mainstay of the modern wedding. In countries around the world, couples send out lists to their friends and family detailing exactly what they would like. Guests then dutifully gift the requested items. However, while wedding registries are still pretty common, an increasing number of couples are asking for money instead. While some guests might find the idea of giving cold, hard cash a little strange, giving funds, not things, could actually be more thoughtful in the long run.

Couples who have everything

These days, the majority of couples getting married will have lived together for a while first. As @ConfettiWedding says, “The reality is, with more and more couples cohabiting before tying the knot, many of them already have the usual types of products and appliances customary to traditional wedding gifts.” This means that a lot of couples simply don’t need presents on their wedding day. What they do need, however, is cash. Modern life is expensive and young people need all the help they can get if they’re going to keep their heads above water.

Giving newlyweds a financial boost

One of the great things about giving money instead of items to a couple on their wedding day is that it can help to give them a financial boost. Paying for a wedding is expensive, even if family helps out, so giving cash will help to replenish the bank balance and kick start the couple’s financial future. If the newlyweds are saving up to buy a house, or want to pay for a luxury honeymoon, your contribution will be even more appreciated. In general, couples will probably hope for between £50-75 per guest or family. However, you’re free to give more or less depending on your finances.

Experiences mean more than presents

A lot of the time, the money couples receive from their wedding guests is put towards specific uses. If they’re jetting off on honeymoon, a lot of couples will use the generous gifts they receive from friends and family to pay for experiences while they’re away. Some money might go towards a meal out, some towards an exciting activity and some towards a meaningful souvenir of their trip.

Couples that aren’t heading off on honeymoon can use the money to enhance the start of married life. Cash gifts can allow the newly hitched pair to go for nice meals out, plan weekend breaks abroad or treat themselves to a night in a nice hotel. The memories of these experiences will last a lifetime, unlike the bread maker or coffee machine they might have received otherwise. 

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