Our top tips for planning a weekday wedding

Whether you’ve had to postpone your original wedding date and are struggling to find the right weekend date as a replacement, or you’re starting from scratch and currently considering your options, weekday weddings offer the availability, ease and affordability that brides and grooms need.

There are so many more reasons to consider tying the knot on a weekday. You’ll enjoy tons more choices with a weekday wedding, with your favourite wedding suppliers likely to have more availability on a weekday than a weekend.

There’s also the opportunity to save money, and guests will appreciate your weekday nuptials too as Hitched details:

“Most hotels and guest houses offer reduced tariffs on a weekday, and transport is often cheaper on a weekday so long as you avoid peak times, so guests could end up paying much less than originally anticipated. Reduced accommodation rates often start on Sunday evenings and so a Monday wedding is actually a great choice (hear us out).”

With all these perks to enjoy, it’s no wonder that 1 in 3 weddings in 2020 took place on a day other than Saturday, which remains the most popular day to get married in the UK.

If you have your heart set on a weekday wedding, the following tips will help you plan to perfection…

Work with your wedding guests

Your VIPs are certain to follow you anywhere at any time to support you on your special day, but you may find a weekday wedding a particularly hard sell for those who don’t understand its benefits.

Discussing your weekday wedding plans with those closest to you in advance of booking your wedding venue and sending out your invites is therefore vital. The prospect of a weekday wedding date may come as a shock if you don’t.

While we’re on the subject of invitations, you’ll need to send them out earlier for a weekday wedding. This will allow guests to book the annual leave they need to attend your wedding and RSVP much quicker, which ultimately means more peace of mind for you.

Book your venue and suppliers early

Wedding venues have to be booked in advance, whether you’re having a weekday or a weekend wedding so don’t be tempted to leave this important wedding planning to-do too late.

The same theory applies to your wedding suppliers, especially if you have certain vendors in mind. A weekday wedding may mean more availability and better discounts but with the popularity of weekday weddings rising fast you won’t be the only couple who wants to unlock these perks.

Adjust your big day timeline

Opting for a late afternoon or early evening ceremony is a great idea when planning a weekday wedding. With a later slot, you have more time to prepare and your guests have the freedom to take just half the day off work if securing the full day off proves problematic.

If you do opt for a later ceremony, keep the ceremony itself short and sweet. This will mean more time to mingle, dance and celebrate your nuptials.

Your wider timeline will also need to be more concise with a weekday wedding. Many couples marrying on weekdays often shorten segments to ensure a fun-filled occasion and make the most of their time with their guests.

Extend your celebrations

Midweek weddings may call for shortened timelines but those marrying on a Friday can enjoy a very different celebration. With a Thursday, Friday or even a Monday wedding, you get to incorporate the weekend to make your wedding last even longer.

Discover more ways to extend your wedding celebration right here.

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