Should we have a joint stag and hen party?

A joint stag and hen party – or ‘sten do’, as it’s now being referred to – is one of the latest wedding trends to sweep the scene.

There are many benefits to combining your last nights of freedom, and they’re growing in popularity as a result.

We take a closer look at the benefits of the sten do and the amazing alternative joint party ideas that will see you celebrate those last single days in style.

What are the benefits of celebrating together?

A sten party offers the ideal opportunity to host one amazing celebration with both guests of the bride and groom coming together for this unisex pre-wedding shindig.

As well as paving the way for an unforgettable party, a sten is great for sharing the cost of the usually separate stag and hen dos.

It’s also perfect for couples who share the same friendship group or whose friends and relatives aren’t so well acquainted.

The ultimate ice breaker, the sten is the ideal setting for everyone special to you both to get together before your wedding day.

If your schedule is pretty jam-packed with all manner of wedding planning tasks, a sten allows you to take some time off from organising your big day.

It’s the perfect excuse to kick back, spend some quality time together, and celebrate with those closest to you.

When is a sten not a good idea?

For couples with hugely different tastes, a sten party may not be the best idea for an unforgettable pre-wedding send-off.

If both the bride’s and groom’s friendship groups consist of mainly couples with just a sprinkling of single friends, a sten party could turn into a couples’ night, much to the dismay of your single buddies.

The success of any sten party relies on there being a mixture of people (single and attached), so those planning your sten need to bear this in mind when devising the guest list.

If one of the reasons you’re considering throwing a sten party is to keep an eye on your husband- or wife-to-be, then stick to separate stag and hen dos.

Only organise a sten party for the right reasons and make sure it is really something you both want to do.

How can we plan the perfect sten do?

Throwing a sten party is great news for your best man and maid of honour too. They’ll be able to share the burden of planning a memorable stag and hen party. With two heads better than one, you’re almost guaranteed a great night out or weekend away. 

Planning early is however vital when organising a sten do, especially due to the size of your party and the range of interests both groups are likely to have.

Do your research when exploring the joint stag and hen activities you’ll add to your sten itinerary. Here Wedding Ideas shares their top sten party ideas:

“There are plenty of day-time activities you can do – whether you and your party are the adventurous type, the explorer type, or the cheesy-fun type.

From paintballing and watersports, to a weekend on the slopes, to a more relaxed craft session, you’re bound to find something that everyone would enjoy. And for the night-time? Well… the list is almost endless.”

If you’re making a weekend of your sten celebrations, don’t feel the need to spend every last minute together.

Planning an itinerary with separate hen and stag activities as well as joint ones can help break up the festivities and make your sten do even more enjoyable.



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