How to winterproof your bridal survival kit

Even after months or even years of planning, coordinating your wedding day can be fraught with challenges. Being prepared is the key to not just surviving but truly enjoying your wedding, especially if you’ll soon be tying the knot in winter.

Hosting your wedding day in winter promises plenty of magic and festive cheer, as well as the opportunity to really celebrate such a beautiful season. But the cold, wet weather and its unpredictability can leave marrying couples with more hurdles to jump.

The bridal survival kit is essential for any wedding day, especially in winter. We’ll let wedding photographer Tyler Bray explain why:

“Stressed out? I can only imagine. How about we try to prepare for any emergencies by creating a wedding emergency kit in advance. By developing a kit like this you can ease some of those anxieties and feel more prepared for whatever the wedding day may throw at you. Normally this includes things like toiletries or other essentials to try to have a solution to any potential foreseeable problem.”

Read on to discover what to include in your bridal survival kit, plus the extras that will help you negotiate winter wedding day challenges with ease.

Sewing kit

One thing no bride wants on their wedding day is a ripped gown, but in the heat of this marvellous moment, your wedding dress can easily become torn or snagged.

Instead of busting your wedding budget to have your seamstress on standby, invest in a pocket-sized sewing kit, some thread that matches your wedding dress and safety pins so you can keep your wedding celebration going.

Travel size beauty supplies

Staying fresh-faced all day long isn’t easy, no matter how closely you’ve followed our bridal beauty secrets!

Add some travel size hair, beauty and makeup products to your bridal survival kit, and stow them in your bridal suite so you can nip back for a quick touch up from time to time. You could even ask your makeup artist to give you small pots of the products you need to keep your bridal look on point.

Blister pads, toothbrushes and toothpaste, tweezers, cotton buds, hairspray, and deodorant are also musts for your bridal beauty bag. Lip balm and hand lotion are particularly essential during winter as chapped lips and dry skin need extra attention.

Thick tights

This is a winter bridal survival bonus that you won’t regret packing, particularly if you have your heart set on snow smattered, outdoor photoshoot.

For brides with long wedding dresses, wearing thick or even thermal tights can keep you comfortable all day long, whatever the winter weather has in store for you.

Winter footwear

Whilst wedding wellies are cute, they’re not the most stylish bridal footwear option on the market. Bridal boots however are a different story.

Bridal boots give you the comfort, style and coverage you need to enjoy every minute of your winter wedding, even if conditions are far from ideal. Bridal boots aren’t just for winter brides either. With so many stunning styles to fall in love with, brides marrying at any time of year can enjoy this chic alternative to heels.

You can never have too many pairs of shoes for a winter wedding, and with bridal boots to fall back on for outdoor pictures, you can save your heels from the harsh winter weather.

A stylish cover-up

You may need more coverage than you think on your winter wedding day. Make a stylish cover-up a part of your bridal ensemble, and invest in cover-ups for your bridesmaids too.

Hand warmers

In the spirit of staying warm and toasty, adding some hand warmers to your bridal survival kit checklist is a must. No one wants to have icy cold, blue hands on their wedding pictures! Hand warmers are cheap and easy to use and will keep you warm and comfortable when you need them on your wedding day.

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