Tips for keeping your wedding timeline on track

Whether planning a Christmas wedding or tying the knot during the height of summer, creating a realistic timeline that ticks all the right boxes matters.

After you’ve devised your timeline – courtesy of the many example wedding day timelines that are out there – sticking to it on the day itself is a whole other ball game! Read our top tips for keeping your wedding timeline on track so you can enjoy your special day exactly as intended.

Pencil in plenty of buffers

The internet provides endless sources of wedding inspiration, including those example timelines we mentioned earlier. Giving yourself buffers between timeline milestones that can’t be changed, however, is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here at Holmewood Hall, our ceremonies take place between 1pm and 3pm. Once you’ve picked your ceremony time, working outwards from this to decipher the other milestones that will form part of your special day is a must. This should include the start time of your wedding breakfast, post-ceremony photographs and the arrival of reception guests.

You can then add in your buffers as and when timings allow, giving you and your guests the breathing room needed to truly enjoy your wedding celebration. Buffers also mean that if one part of your wedding ceremony or reception runs over, you don’t have to rejig the entire itinerary.

Start off on the right foot

Starting your day really early may make your wedding a bit longer, but it’ll give you the time and space to prepare for your big moment calmly, a fact that will make your day extra awesome. By starting proceedings with plenty of time to prepare, you’ll be better placed to hit those timeline milestones throughout the rest of your day.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

It’s not just the happy couple who will need a clear idea of the wedding timeline. Your venue and vendors should receive a copy of your schedule to ensure everything can run smoothly and on time. 

Collaborating with our wedding coordinators will give you a professional insight into how the timings generally work here at Holmewood Hall, and how they can be altered to suit your unique requirements. Our coordinators can work with you to finalise an official timeline before it’s shared with your wedding VIPs and suppliers in writing.

As Easy Weddings explains, your photographer and videographer are just two of the wedding vendors that should get a copy of your official timeline:

“Your wedding photographer and videographer will need a full rundown of your wedding day timeline so they can plan where they are required and at what time. The amount of time you need them will also determine how much you spend on photography and videography, so we suggest deciding on this as early as possible if you don’t want to fork out full-day coverage.”

Plan your time savers in advance

There are little ways that you can save time and stay on track on the day itself. Incorporating these pre-planned time savers into your wedding day will more importantly help you enjoy your day a whole lot more. If your bridal gown has a bustle for instance, training several members of your wedding party to help you with its adjustment will mean you can call on multiple people throughout your day for assistance and reduce the time you spend faffing with your dress.

There are some parts of your timeline that shouldn’t be sacrificed, however, such as eating breakfast at the very beginning of your wedding day!

By knowing which timings can and can’t be altered in advance, you can keep your entire wedding day on track, preventing unexpected delays or unforeseen tasks from ruining your wedding without feeling the need to watch the clock.

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