Navigating sobriety when it comes to weddings

Weddings are a great excuse for you and your guests to let your hair down, surrounded by your friends and family, and be merry. However, weddings can be quite a daunting occasion for those who don’t drink alcohol.

With the rise of the popular ‘mocktails’, planning your wedding in a way that avoids alcohol is much easier these days. But when it comes to the hen or stag do destinations, this can sometimes be a little more complicated.

We’ve put together a quick guide on how you can navigate sobriety both in the lead up and during your wedding. As @Strahan Cadell mentions, “most weddings often have bottles of sparkling grape juice on hand for those who are maintaining their sobriety.” However, here are some other useful bits of advice to help you through.

1. You’re likely to be hyper-aware that you’re not drinking

In the grand scheme of things, can anyone tell whether you have some Bacardi, in a glass of coke, or cranberry juice as opposed to red wine? Most likely not. The only one who will truly know that there is a lack of alcohol in your hand is you.

Even if someone does notice you ordering a soda water with lime at the bar, you’ll be surprised at how little they care. They’ll be much more focused on having a good time themselves.

2. Stand by your sober friends.

Remember, there’s strength in numbers. It’s always much easier to get through an event if you’re with someone who is in the same situation as you.

Team up with someone else at the wedding who you know won’t be drinking, or even make a point of spending time with the younger children if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Or take this opportunity to look after some of the older guests. If you really feel like you’re being judged, you can still partake in things like the celebratory toast, but just hold the glass without taking a sip.

3. You don’t have to stay the whole night

If things start getting too much (as long as you aren’t the bride or groom), remember that you don’t have to stay until the early hours of the morning. Whether you’re at the hen do, stag do, or the wedding itself.

Just say you’re feeling a bit tired and slip away. If they’re your true friends, they will understand. Don’t forget, the bride and groom will be so busy making the rounds and seeing everyone they’ll be far too distracted to notice.

4. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself

Your memories of this special occasion will end up being much clearer than everyone else’s, so use that to your advantage. Collect memories of all the outrageous things people have done, and store them up for a special occasion! Don’t forget there will be lots of entertainment at the wedding itself too… grab your dancing shoes and shake your worries away.

No matter what the reason is behind you being alcohol-free, we hope we’ve shown you that there are ways around alcohol during the wedding season. Not that it’s anything to be ashamed of at all – good on you for putting your health first!

If you’re planning your wedding and have guests who don’t drink alcohol, please speak to our friendly Personal Wedding Manager and they’ll be able to offer you some fabulous alternatives to make things slightly easier when it comes to your big day.

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