Top 5 ideas for a Roman Theme wedding

If you’re thinking of something out of the ordinary for your wedding theme, why not consider a Roman theme wedding? It’s not all togas and tunics – a Roman theme can be a sophisticated affair, featuring a simple colour palette, beautiful decoration and exquisite floral displays. Here are 5 ideas for holding your very own Roman-style wedding.

What to Wear

Feel like an empress with a gorgeous Roman-inspired wedding gown. The elegant gowns in white or ivory, off the shoulder (toga style), are usually known as a Goddess or Grecian dresses. The style is simple, with soft lines. The fabric is light and flowing and has an A-line cut for a flattering look.

Accessorise your wedding gown with some strappy sandals. If you want to wear jewellery, keep it simple and unobtrusive. For your hair, your locks should be soft natural waves, either loose or as an up-do. Finish the look with a goddess crown of natural fig leaves and wildflowers. For grooms, wearing a toga for a wedding may be going a bit too far. A sharp Italian suit and silk tie will look sophisticated and cosmopolitan, without losing touch with the theme.


Think columns, urns, decorative arches, foliage, candles and draping fabric. The Romans loved luxury. You could include potted orange, lemon and olive trees for a beautiful Mediterranean feel. A cream, white, gold and green colour palette will look amazing in your wedding photography.


For traditional Roman entertainment you could hire a harp player to cast a spell over your reception. Alternative ideas include bringing in some professional actors to perform extracts from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.


A banquet fit for a Roman wedding will include breads, fruit, fish and salad. An Italian menu is an excellent choice. Featured on Exclusive Italy Weddings, Laura’s blog has this advice:

“Different types of food can be served in Italy, based on the tastes of the Bride and Groom and of the region of Italy where the event takes place. Of course, there are similarities. Typically, an Italian wedding banquet starts with a standing welcome cocktail that lasts around one hour. At the table’s guests receive two or three appetizers that can be served in the same plate, a first course or a mix of two and then one or two main courses with side dish. Follows a limoncello or sorbet, a buffet of fruits or desserts and then the Wedding Cake. Italian Wedding banquets always end with an espresso coffee.”.

Our in-house chefs would work with you to develop a menu with it’s very own Roman twist.


Roman floral displays are simple; lilies and evergreens give a lovely fresh feel. Laurel leaves were used a lot during Roman times, and during wedding ceremonies roses were a popular flower, as well as poppies, violets and irises.

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