Hers and hers wedding outfit inspiration – same sex weddings

As same sex weddings have only been possible since 29th March 2014, the book on gay marriage traditions is still being written.

This gives same sex couples carte blanche to make their own rules when it comes to getting hitched.

For many couples, one of the biggest decisions they’ll have to make is what to wear. The outfit you wear on your wedding day will be immortalised in countless photos and videos, so it’s essential you get it just right.

Here’s a bit of outfit inspiration to get you started.

Wear the outfit of your dreams

Like @junebugweddings says, “Like any wedding style, same-sex wedding fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel like the bride or groom of your dreams!”

Think about what would make you feel the most comfortable and the most special on your wedding day.

Don’t worry if you both opt for a gown or both want to wear suits. Conventions on same sex marriage wear haven’t been set yet, so you’re free to dress however you want.

Dresses or suits?

Deciding whether to wear a suit or dress on your wedding day can be tough. Some couples choose to keep the look of their wedding fairly traditional by having one partner in a dress and the other in a suit.

This choice is completely up to you and there’s nothing at all to say you can’t both wear a gown or both sport a morning suit.

Again, it’s important to think about what will make you feel the part on the day. If you’re not sure, try on a few different outfits to see what feels right.

To match or not to match

If you decide you’re both going to wear a dress or a suit, the next decision you’ll have to make is whether or not you’re going to match. Walking up the aisle in identical or near identical outfits can look great. It shows you’re completely in-sync as you start married and can look fantastic in photos.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of showing off your separate personalities and both stamping your identity on your outfits, go for gowns or suits that are complementary, but unique.


Brides have traditionally worn white since Victorian times. And while the colour is still a popular choice for wedding gowns, there’s nothing to say you have to dress in white for your big day. Put some thought into which tones suit you best and which match the rest of your wedding décor.

If you want a traditional look with a twist, you could go for a white wedding gown and then add a few bursts of colour with your accessories.

If you’ve decided to wear a suit, your choices are even more open as colour conventions for jackets, ties, trousers, and shirts aren’t as strict.

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