Something blue – how to incorporate blue into your wedding

The phrase “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe”, goes back to the Victorian era, just like the tradition of brides wearing white. The Victorians were very superstitious, so the idea behind a bride carrying these items on her wedding day is to protect her from “bad luck and evil eyes”. Blue in particular was seen as a sign of purity, fidelity and love.

Brides today still maintain this tradition. Whereas “something blue” used to mean wearing a blue garter, today it doesn’t have to be. You can incorporate blue into your wedding in other ways.

Feeling Blue

If you are not a traditional bride and have decided not to wear a white gown, you could go for a blue wedding dress. It is now becoming more popular for brides to choose to wear colours other than traditional white for their wedding. You could opt for a subtle pale shade of blue or even a bold navy blue, depending on your preference. Dressing your bridesmaids in a beautiful shade of blue would also look stunning, and it offers an amazing contrast if the bride is wearing traditional white.

For the groom, if he is going to break with tradition, a blue suit would certainly stand out. For something more low key perhaps a blue waistcoat, tie or even shoelaces.

If you are wanting to incorporate blue into your wedding day, but want to keep it subtle, you could add some blue accessories to finish off your look. For the bride, this could be blue shoes, earrings, or perhaps blue flowers in your bouquet. You could also consider blue hair accessories, such as hair pins or perhaps nail polish in a subtle shade of blue.

Brides Magazine offer the following advice on the blue issue:

“Long thought to be a break with tradition, brides wearing a something blue shoe is now a classic part of the wedding day style. Go bright and bold, making a big statement that turns this look on its head. A pair of blue earrings can be just the thing to make a timeless look feel updated and modern. And don’t forget, we love a bridal clutch, so that’s another perfect alternative to the something blue accessory that feels fresh. Looking to get even more frisky with the something blue accessory? opt for a chic pair of blue tinted glasses. How cool would these look as you take your post “I do” portraits? And don’t forget to account for what you wear under the dress! Something blue lingerie is the latest trend we’re loving in wedding day fashion”

A Touch of Blue

Blue is very popular as a wedding colour theme. It is stunning when mixed with other colour shades, too. Navy, silver and pink all combine well together, for example. If you don’t want to go all out blue for your colour theme you could just add a touch of blue here and there.

If your bouquet is going to include blue flowers, then also add them into floral decorations. You could perhaps include blue within your wedding stationery like table plans, menus and seat places.

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