Top 5 retro hits for a nostalgia filled reception

A sure way to get people onto the dance floor at your reception is to play a classic retro hit! Everyone has their own opinion on the best wedding playlist, but we think it’s the tried and tested golden oldies that win the day.

Retro music

As Justin Kirkland writes in Esquire on the specifics of the wedding reception playlist: “The wedding reception playlist is a science. You have to find that balance between pleasing your guests and keeping garbage out of the speakers.” Trust us, in our list there will be no such garbage, so if you’re expecting “The Birdie Song” or anything by S Club 7, you will be sorely disappointed.

Our list covers everything from the 1950’s up to the 1990’s. With nearly fifty years to choose from, we were spoilt for choice!

1. Republica: Ready To Go

Surely one of the most overlooked bands of the 1990’s! Republica’s following was always smaller than it should have been, but the band were an essential part of the Britpop revolution that made British music cool again. Their songs ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ and, most famously, ‘Ready to Go” were pure dance beauties, with a bit of rock and slice of techno and bevy of pop ingredients.

2. Dexy’s Midnight Runners: Come on Eileen

Quintessentially 80’s, this pure pop gem launched the band Dexy’s Midnight Runners into the stratosphere and guaranteed them airplay for an eternity. ‘Come on Eileen’ is the essential retro hit for your wedding reception, guaranteed to make people put down their food and drink and get straight on that dance floor.

3. Dusty Springfield: I Only Want to Be With You

Britain’s very own soul queen of the 60’s, with a voice that rivalled Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield was both powerful yet sweet at the same time. Her classic 1966 hit ‘I Only Want to Be With You’ is a majestic piece of pop blended with elements of soul. A great choice for a fast paced couples dance.

4. Blondie: Heart of Glass

A genius band of the New Wave era, with a back catalogue that stands the test of time, their 1979 hit ‘Heart of Glass’ is a microcosm of disco perfection. It’s a track made perfect by the sultry and alluring vocals of lead singer Debbie Harry and the band’s mix of disco and classic guitar riffs. This is a song best-suited for the later part of the reception, just before you and your beloved head to the honeymoon suite.

5. Bill Haley and His Comets: Rock Around the Clock

A song that defined the decade of the 1950’s, Rock Around the Clock is the song that gave birth to rock and roll. Made famous for later generations as the theme tune to Happy Days, it’s a sure fire hit that everyone, no matter what age, can enjoy.

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