5 creative keepsake ideas for your wedding dress

Although the dress is an integral part of any wedding day, once the festivities are over, most brides never wear the gown again. As the wedding dress is such an iconic outfit, it seems a shame to store it away for years to come. If you need a little wedding dress inspiration, take a look at these five creative ideas for turning your gown into a keepsake you can treasure forever.

Garter belt

1. Decorating your wedding album

Aside from your wedding dress, your wedding photos are probably the most important souvenir you’ll have from your big day. Capturing the magic of the event and the joy of your friends and family, your photos are there to be enjoyed for the rest of your married life. You can make your wedding album even more special by decorating it with fabric from your dress. Use some lace on the cover of the album or wrap the entire album in fabric from the gown.

2. Making a new dress

If you want to get more use out of the dress, you could consider asking a talented tailor to adjust the pattern to make a brand new dress. As @hitchedcouk says, “You could have a seamstress transform it into a new dress for your little one to wear, perhaps for a special event like a christening, or even pick up a sewing machine yourself and get arty.”

3. Transform your dress into a garter

If you don’t want to alter the entire dress but do want to use part of the fabric for another purpose, you could turn a piece of your dress into a garter for another bride. A garter made from an old wedding dress can make a lovely present for a close friend or family member. Ask a professional tailor, or a skilled friend, to make the piece for you.

4. Take a photo of your daughter in your wedding dress

If it’s already been a few years since your wedding day, you may well have a daughter or two by now. You can use your dress as a fantastic prop in your next family photoshoot by dressing your little ones up in your old gown. These photos will make lovely family keepsakes and will make a great present for your daughter on her wedding day.

5. Dye it

A great way to get more use out of a wedding dress is to dye the gown and create an entirely new outfit. Simply changing the colour of the outfit will alter its look completely. You can either try to dye the dress at home or you can have a professional do the job for you. Think about dip-dyeing the dress for truly dramatic results.

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