Top questions for your wedding band

Wedding ceremonies and receptions may be on hold for the time being due to Covid-19 restrictions and the nation’s third lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you have to rest on your laurels when planning your 2021/22 celebration.

Lockdown offers the ideal opportunity to get ahead of the game when wedding planning, and with a long list of things to do, you’re certain to have plenty to occupy your time. Live entertainment plays a vital role in many couples’ special days.

The wedding band is a part of the furniture, but what questions should you ask any would-be band or musician looking to score this very important gig?

Following on from our top questions to ask your wedding venue, here’s of a list of must-asks for your live wedding band.

Are you available on my wedding date?

Let’s start with an obvious one. With a backlog of weddings due to this and previous lockdowns, narrowing down your favourite wedding bands will depend on this vital question.

You’re certain to have booked your wedding date long before you even considered entertainment, which means if you have your mind set on landing a certain band or musician, you’ll have to start your search early.

Generally, live wedding bands are booked around six months before the big day. But if you’re planning to marry during high season (which runs from May to October here in the UK) then competition for the best wedding bands may be rife.

What experience do you have?

Experience matters, after all, there’s no do-over when it comes to your wedding day. Asking your live wedding band what experience they have and, more specifically, how many weddings they’ve played is therefore important.

If you have a tighter budget, you may want to consider choosing a student musician or a band that’s new to the wedding scene.

But beware, inexperienced wedding bands or musicians may not have the back catalogue or the stage presence to keep you and your guests dancing.

Booking a wedding band who is familiar with your chosen venue is another plus-point. At Holmewood Hall, we work with several trusted suppliers to ensure the professionals you pick to make your dream wedding day a reality are the perfect fits.

Will my wedding be your only wedding that day?

To get around the lack of availability, some wedding bands may play multiple weddings per day, which may be great for the musicians – but may not be so great for you.

You don’t want your band to be tired or turning up late if they have multiple same day bookings. In an ideal world, your wedding band will play at just your wedding on that day.

After you’ve defined their exclusivity, determine how much time you’ll get them for. Most wedding bands provide their services for a minimum of two or four hours, giving couples who want more or less entertainment ultimate flexibility. From here, you can then decide where to slot your musical interludes into your day.

Can you give us a sneak peek?

Hearing or, better yet, seeing your wedding band play before you book them is a must. By watching their YouTube videos or attending one of their events before you book, you can really get a feel for how things will be on your wedding day.

How much creative input can we have?

Most live wedding bands collaborate with you to ensure you have the experience you’ve always dreamed of. Wedding musician Ann reveals how to work with your wedding band to create the perfect day:

“Talk through with them the kind of atmosphere you want to create and the kind of music you want them to play. They may have playlists lined up for this kind of thing already and be open to that, and if you have specific requests, they may be up for slotting those in too. Some things may not be possible though, and sometimes you may just have to accept that it may not work and find someone else, or go back to the iPod.”

Your wedding band may have their own requests, such as needing time to tune and warm up, requiring refreshments, and scheduling breaks. Accommodate these to ensure the arrangement works for you all.



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