When is best to book? Getting the best deals and guaranteeing your first choices

The key to planning the perfect wedding is organisation. Booking venues, bands, food and flowers well in advance will help to ensure you get all your first choices. To help ensure your day is as perfect as possible, take a look at our guide to booking your wedding essentials.

The venue

For many couples, the venue is the most important element of the day. If the venue isn’t right, many brides and grooms will feel their wedding wasn’t exactly what they wanted. In some cases, missing out on the perfect venue can ruin the day altogether.

To ensure you get the venue you really want, it’s a good idea to book the space at least a year before your big day. If you’ve already decided on a venue, you may want to book it even earlier. As @theknot points out, ”If you have your heart set on a certain venue, your wedding date will depend solely on what the site has available.

The caterers

Once you’ve booked your venue, it’s time to go full speed ahead on the wedding planning and get the other aspects of your day locked down. A lot of venues work with in-house or affiliated caterers, so when you book your venue, ask to see a list of the caterers available.

Holmewood Hall provide an all-inclusive wedding package where our, in house full time, catering team take care of all your catering (even bespoke options!) so you don’t need to worry about booking a 3rd party company.

The band

This will really depend on the popularity of your chosen band and the popularity of your wedding date. If you’re getting wed on a Saturday in July, you’ll probably need to reserve your entertainment a year or so advance.

However, if you plan to get hitched outside of the peak wedding season, or if your chosen band isn’t in such high demand, you can probably leave it a little later to book the entertainment.

The photographer

Again, the availability of your chosen photographer will depend on the time of year you choose to get married. Most good wedding photographers get booked up well in advance, so if you’re getting married during a busy period, it’s a good idea to book your photographer at least a year before the big day.

The flowers

Although they make up an important part of any wedding’s décor, flowers are often fairly low down on the to do list when it comes to planning your wedding.

That said, most good florists can easily get booked up 8-9 months in advance. This means that you need to be fairly organised when it comes to planning your bouquets. To be on the safe side, talk to you preferred florist about their availability as soon as you’ve booked your venue.

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