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Deciding who’s going to sit where during the wedding breakfast is one of the toughest parts of planning a wedding. Not only do you have to ensure that ex-partners, disgruntled in-laws and old adversaries are well away from each other, you also need to work out how you’re going to mix up your guests and get the party started.

Wedding seating plans

However, once you’ve done the hard work and created your seating plan, it’s time for the fun bit: creating a table plan display. As @weddingsonline says, “Guests are always eager to know where they’re sitting which is why it makes sense to make the table plan a bit of a focal point.” Take a look at these creative and original ideas for inspiration on how you can present this integral part of your wedding décor.

Attach it to a mirror

If you’re looking for a simple but effective way to display your table plan, this is the perfect option. The main thing you’ll need for this option is a large, attractive mirror. Try to find one with a frame that matches your theme. Next, simply print the plan for each table out individually and then stick them to the reflective part of your mirror.

Once it’s complete, you can hang the mirror on the wall of your venue or place it on an easel in the entrance of your banquet area. As the mirror is reflective, guests will be able to take selfies using the surface and your photographer will be able to use the mirror to get creative with the wedding snaps. Plus, once the day is over, you’ll have an eye-catching new mirror to hang in your home.

Send it in a letter

This is a great option if you’ve chosen a retro or vintage theme for your wedding. You’ll first need to invest in a few brightly coloured envelopes. Choose tones that match or complement your theme, and each other. You’ll then need to print out your individual table plans. Make sure they’re small enough to fit inside your envelopes without being folded.

To display your table plan, stick your envelopes to the wall, or to a board, with the top flaps open. Then place the seating plans into the envelopes and pull them out gently so that all the names are visible. Stick everything in place and you’re ready to go.

Washing line

A fantastic option for a stylish DIY approach, this lets you add photos and other items to the display. Simply hang a washing line in the space and then use clothes pegs to attach your individual printouts to the line. You can intersperse your print outs with photos of you and your partner or snaps of your family to make the display even more personal.

Getting creative with your table plan is a fantastic way to enhance your wedding décor and add a bespoke touch to your day. Get more ideas on how to tailor your wedding by taking a look around our site today.

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