How to plan a solstice inspired wedding

Summer solstice is nearly upon us – it takes place on Sunday 20th June this year. But this annual event is so much more than a celebration of the first day of summer.

Summer solstice is one of the UK’s oldest festivals. Each year, thousands gather to mark the occasion. As the longest day and shortest night of the year, it’s the ideal time to celebrate your wedding.

The extended daylight hours provide ample opportunity to party all day long with your guests. While the vintage festival vibe that accompanies the event will be forever timeless on the wedding style front.

Whether you’re organising a wedding for next summer solstice or the solstice after, let these wedding planning ideas inspire you.

Be big and bold with florals

As a celebration of the first day of summer and the end of spring, it’s only fitting that florals play a big role in your summer solstice themed big day.

When it comes to flowers, keep it bright and bold with vibrant floral displays, rustic arrangements and a flower crown or two.

Add drama with a fire ceremony

Old school solstice celebrations have fire ceremonies at their centre. After digging deeper into the use of fire ceremonies and rituals, it’s surprising how well they can be meaningfully incorporated into a wedding.

Fire ceremonies are used around the world in many cultures and have powerful, poignant meanings that go beyond solstice as Tuscan Wedding Officiant details:

“According to an old African tradition, fire represents the union of two families and it is lit by combining flames from each family’s hearth.

This practice is commonly reinterpreted in modern ceremonies, as the couple simply light a fire together. As a special touch, parents or even all the guests may be invited to kindle the flame.”

Reflect those summer vibes in your colour scheme

Those impending summer vibes can easily be represented in your wedding colour palette. Warm tones, like yellows, reds, and purples, work beautifully as subtle pops of colour.

These summery shades bring to life the relaxing and romantic atmosphere that boho weddings are known and loved for.

Hints of the same colours can be used throughout your wedding décor, including across your table decorations and on your wedding cake.

Keep the floral theme we mentioned earlier going by opting for real flowers to garnish your wedding cake.

Relax your wedding attire

Unfortunately, hot weather isn’t always a certainty at a great British wedding.

If you’re lucky enough to get non-stop sunshine at your solstice inspired wedding, a more relaxed attire will be an excellent complement to the season and the wider theme.

Keep wedding attire light and airy for both the bride and groom and their accompanying parties.

Grooms should forgo the suit jacket and opt for a stylish waistcoat. While brides can embody the solstice style with a beautiful boho-inspired dress, braided updo, and flower crown.

Let nature be your guide

The natural world is always linked with summer solstice, so it should certainly influence your solstice inspired wedding.

As well as using florals and greenery to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception venue, complement nature further with soft, natural textures and details.

Wicker, reclaimed wood, and a vintage-style canvas all look great and reflect the beautiful bohemian style that works so well at solstice.

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