Selecting your wedding scent

Your wedding day should be a feast for all the senses. You’ll delight your partner and guests with a gorgeous wedding gown, your flower choices and an enjoyable itinerary. Last but not least, your wedding scent has a vital role to fulfil. The perfect perfume will make you feel extra special on one of the most important days of your life. One whiff of your selected scent in the future will cause all those amazing memories to flood back. Choosing the perfect fragrance isn’t easy, though!

The sheer amount of choice available presents a problem that most couples planning their weddings simply don’t need. Discover our top tips for choosing the ultimate wedding day essential, a scent that will make you feel amazing and smell utterly irresistible too.

Deviate from the usual

It may be tempting to opt for your signature scent but to truly feel extra special, forgo your everyday favourite. Although you don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone, opting for a scent that you’ve never worn is a great chance to try something new.

You can even take inspiration from your wedding location, venue and theme to find a fragrance that will always remind you of your wedding day. A gateway to the Cambridgeshire Fens, our stunning estate is particularly in touch with nature. Our acres of manicured gardens and parkland not only provide the perfect photo opportunity but inspire brides to embrace pretty floral scents.

Choose a smell you love

This may sound obvious, but in a rush to be on-trend it’s often overlooked. You may want to try something different on your wedding day but make sure you choose a scent that is still ‘you’. If nothing takes your fancy, choose a fragrance that already reminds you of other romantic times. The scent you wore on your first date or when that all-important question was popped will remind you of happy times on what will soon be your favourite romantic moment together.

Don’t rush things

Finding a wedding scent that represents you and the day that you’ll spend together takes time so don’t expect to nail it on your first trip to the perfume shop or department store. Learning how to test scents will help you try out different fragrances properly.

To enjoy a true representation of the fragrance, put down the blotting strips and see how the scent smells on your skin. Your wrist and neck are prime points for spritzing. Leaving the fragrance to dry for at least 30 minutes is another top tip for appreciating subtler notes. You may notice that the scent evolves as time passes. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of your shortlisted scents before committing to a purchase.

Create your own

Not everyone has the budget to commission a perfumer to design an exclusive fragrance for them. Creating your own through the latest trend, “layering”, is a more affordable, creative option. Also known as fragrance combining, layering is a skill that, if mastered, allows you to create an amazing and unique wedding scent, as fragrance expert Patti Kapla describes:

“As a general rule, you want to start by layering scents that are in or close to the same scent family… scents typically fall into categories like Woody, Floral, Oriental, Fresh, Citrus. You may need to play around with different combinations to find the best one for you, like, for example, one spray of the heavier scent and two of the lighter.”

Giving the gift of a wedding scent is a great touch. For more wonderful gift ideas to surprise your other half on your wedding day, read this gifting guide.

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