Modern myths about weddings dispelled

As the wedding is an incredibly important tradition, it’s no surprise that a large number of myths and superstitions have grown up around the event. To help dispel these myths, and help you plan the modern wedding of your dreams, we’re taking a look at some of the most common, and some of the most ridiculous.

Rain on your wedding day is good luck

The last thing that most couples want on their wedding day is rain. After all that planning, organising and dreaming, a heavy downpour can really put a dampener on things. If the heavens do open on the big day, a lot of people tell the bride and groom that it means they’ll have good luck in their marriage. However, we can be fairly confident that this is just a myth. After all, as  @thepinkbride says, “Who in their right mind would tell a bride that rain is bad luck – especially as she stands ready to waltz down the aisle under an umbrella?”

Giving a knife as a wedding gift is bad luck

Another commonly believed wedding superstition is that giving the bride and groom a knife as a wedding present will bring bad luck. According to folklore, knives signify a broken relationship and so giving a nice set of kitchen knives as a gift could doom the marriage. In reality, a good set of knives makes a great addition to the newlyweds’ kitchen, helping them to whip up tasty treats and delicious dishes as they settle into married life.

Bumping into animals on your way to the ceremony

There are all sorts of wedding myths out there about bumping into animals and insects on your way to the ceremony. According to superstition, it’s good luck for the bride to come across a lamb, a dove, a spider or a black cat as she makes her way to the wedding. However, pigs are thought to be bad luck and a crowing cock can also be an unfortunate omen. Although you probably don’t want to come into close contact with a pig just before you walk up the aisle, it’s unlikely that it will result in anything worse than a dirty dress and muddy shoes. Likewise, we’re not sure that an errant lamb or a wandering cat will have too much an impact on your future happiness.

The bride’s family pays for everything

On a more practical note, one myth that a lot of couples still believe is that the bride’s family has to pay for everything. These days, however, it’s a lot more common for both families to share the burden of paying for the big day. More often than not, the couple themselves also chip in to help meet the cost of the ceremony and reception. This helps to spread the load and ensures no one is hit overly hard by wedding expenses.

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