Just engaged? Here’s what NOT to do next

Becoming engaged is a huge deal. It’s an important milestone in any relationship and an exciting time. But, like many newly engaged couples, failing to properly enjoy that ‘just engaged’ feeling is all too common. It’s one of the biggest regrets for newlyweds.

According to recent research, the average couple spends 13 months being engaged before tying the knot. While countless lists are detailing exactly what to do post-engagement to spend every single minute of these months wisely, there are some golden rules on what to avoid during those early stages of engagement that are not so well publicised.

Here we reveal what NOT to do next so you can enjoy your engagement in all its glory and pace yourself for the epic task of planning the biggest day of your life!

Don’t rush into wedding planning

So you’ve said “yes” and that sparkler is firmly planted on your ring finger, surely the next thing you should do is head down to your local bridal boutique and try on as many wedding gowns as you can? While shopping for gowns and getting started with wedding planning is fun, undertaking these wedding tasks too early can take the shine off the entire experience.

Wedding planning can all too easily take over your relationship – read our top tips on how to look after your relationship during this exciting yet demanding time. Give yourself a few weeks to celebrate being engaged, without the pressure of planning and ease yourselves into the process gently.

Don’t focus on the little things

If the urge to plan gets too much, start with the bigger picture, rather than focusing on the little details. What you give guests as favours or how your wedding band sounds will be pretty insignificant if you don’t get the venue you want!

Tackling those big to-dos first will ensure you can get those finer details just right later down the line and, as Bridal Guide explains, it all starts with your wedding venue:

“You’ll want to reserve your venue ASAP, especially if you plan to tie the knot in a major city, where dates can book up as much as one (or even two) years in advance. It will set the overall tone and look for your event… During this time, you’ll also need to nail down the ceremony plans — do you prefer to get married at the property or in a place of worship? Lastly, the venue you choose may determine which other vendors you’ll be working with.”

Shortlisted a few suitable venues but finding it difficult to make that all-important choice? Here are the top questions you should ask your wedding venue when viewing to help you find ‘the one’.

Don’t reveal too much

Your family, friends, work colleagues, and even your next-door neighbours will no doubt be full of  questions after hearing news of your engagement.  However, revealing your plans before they’re set in stone is a no-no, especially if they concern your guests. At this stage, it’s a bad idea to make any promises to guests about what will take place or who they can bring.

Don’t go it alone

Wedding planning should always be a joint effort, so don’t leave your partner out of the picture. There are lots of decisions to make when organising a wedding. Sharing this burden with your fiancé will be beneficial to you both as well as keep wedding planning stress under control.

One thing you must discuss first as a couple is your wedding budget. Sit down with your partner and any other people that are contributing (such as your parents) to figure those finances out before you start planning.

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