Innovative guest book ideas

Today’s weddings are an opportunity to demonstrate your unique taste, style and flair and this doesn’t just apply to flowers, dresses and music.

There are all sorts of ways to celebrate what makes you such a wonderful team and embrace your individuality, even in relatively small and often overlooked areas like your wedding guest book. This is an item that is frequently hastily bought at the very last moment, sometimes at an exorbitant price! We’re here to show you how to avoid panic buying and sow some seeds of inspiration.

If you’d like some pearls of wisdom to take with you into your happily ever after then why not take a leaf out of @bridalguidemag’s book and ”Set up a photo booth where guests can be photographed with their wedded wisdom.”

This fab idea is even more appealing when you realise that it has multiple purposes in that it provides entertainment, works as a guest book, provides favours for your guests (you can send them their photographs after your Big Day) and is of course your evening photography!

If you like the idea of receiving advice for your marriage that you can turn to for years to come but maybe you already have a photo booth sorted, how about placing an attractive glass bottle on each table with some note paper and some beautifully coloured ink pens so that your guests can write you some touching notes of advice that you’ll be able to read over the years to come? This idea can be made to suit any wedding colour scheme and the style of any wedding by sourcing a style of bottle that suits your Big Day.

If you think that’s a fabulous idea, we’ve got plenty more bright ideas for you! If you’re a couple who love board games, then how about getting your guests to sign the blocks in a Jenga Set? If you’d like something you can frame and keep forever then what about trying a fingerprint balloon or tree?

Either of these ideas would look wonderful displayed in your house for years to come and can be made at home for next to nothing, which is great if you’re watching the pennies. Couples who love travelling might like the idea of getting their guests to sign a globe, signing their signature on places that they recommend you travel.

For wine lovers, you could ask your wedding guests to sign an enormous bottle of red wine or champagne with a gold permanent marker. You’ll be able to enjoy looking at the bottle for years to come and will be able to crack into it on a special occasion one day in the future.

You could also try to match the theme of your wedding guest book to your venue, especially if it’s somewhere like historic Holmewood Hall in Cambridgeshire.

The stunning Tudor building puts everyone who sees it in mind of classic romances such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Ju liet, so you could ask your guests to sign and leave a message in a beautiful edition of the play in order to continue your theme across the entire day.

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