How to incorporate a hint of Halloween into your October wedding

Autumn is a great time of year to throw a wedding, with the vibrant leaves turning colour and the weather taking a slightly cooler turn. Themed weddings are the latest trend this year and Bollywood weddings have been popular.

But how can you add a hint of Halloween in a tasteful way? We’ve put together some of the best ways you can incorporate this holiday into your wedding – without it looking like a child’s party.

Having a Halloween-themed party is that popular it was even featured in one of the latest episodes of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’… Laura Power commented, ‘that is one way to freak out your wife!’ Of course, we have a few ideas that are a little less wild. Read on to find out more.

Bloodthirsty Cocktails

Add a bit of Dracula to your wedding with some Halloween-themed drinks. As apples are in season, it’s a great idea to incorporate these into rum apple cider or some spooky punch. Display the drinks on a table with dry ice flowing around for a really spooktacular finish.

Terrifying Table Decorations

The best way to incorporate Halloween into your table decorations is choosing a striking colour palette. Mix oranges with black and silver for a lavish feel. You don’t have to go for bright orange either, burnt orange is a much softer colour which still fits in with autumn. Alternatively, grey or black with a pop of red or burgundy will work well.

Moody Music

A subtle way to bring a hint of Halloween to your wedding is music. Of course, you will want to play the traditional wedding songs, and have a lovely slow song for your first dance.

Some Halloween favourites that you could mingle in there are ‘Thriller’ and the theme song from ‘The Addams Family’. If you’re hiring a pianist or cellist they could play acoustic versions of these.

Pumpkin Place Cards

Why not carve the names of your guests into mini pumpkins so they can find their seats? Or if your carving skills are not to be desired, you can always write on them with sparkly gold paint.

As well as pumpkin name holders, why not add some small pumpkins to decorate your wedding cake? You could even take it up to the next level and add pumpkin-flavoured icing on one of your tiers.

Halloween Candy Bar

For those guests who have a sweet tooth, a Halloween-themed sweet bar is a perfect way to enjoy the fun. With sweets that look like eyeballs, teeth and fangs, and some white, black, and orange Liquorice Allsorts, your guests will have their very own trick or treat stash when they leave.

So there you go, a few inspirational ideas for a slightly alternative, Halloween-themed wedding (without going completely overboard). Of course, when you choose one of our stunning venues for your special day, we can also add an air of mystery with ghost stories and tales that will have you trembling. With Halloween 2020 falling on a Saturday, contact us today to see how we can add a hint of Halloween to your October wedding.

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