Top 5 ideas for an Agatha Christie themed wedding

Agatha Christie remains one of Britain’s best loved authors, and with themed weddings becoming ever more popular, we at CHW thought it a wonderful idea to explore an Agatha Christie themed wedding!

Agatha Christie theme

Our latest venue acquisition, Holmewood Hall, would be a perfect venue for this unique theme. And luckily, there’s a Christie story to go with every season! For example, Murder on the Orient Express would be perfect for the winter time, while Death on the Nile would work well in the languid heat of midsummer.

Let’s take a look at a few charming ideas that would make this theme go off with a bang!

1. Agatha Christie Themed Cocktails

With the majority of her books written in the 1920’s and 30’s, there’s a glorious and tantalising set of cocktail ideas to play with. These two decades were a time of cultural exploration, as young people wished to forget the horrors of World War One, and just have some fun. A great idea is to include cocktails like the classic sidecar or gin sling, two cocktails which feature heavily in the Hercule Poirot series.

2. Christie Novels as Gifts

A beautiful gift for your guests is mini Agatha Christie novels. Mini versions of popular and classic books, from Shakespeare to Dickens are widely available in bookstores like Waterstone’s.

3. Agatha Christie Themed Fancy Dress

We have spoken before on the subject of fancy dress wedding receptions, and the very idea of an Agatha Christie themed fancy dress is simply divine. With a bevy of characters to choose from, this will make for fun wedding reception photos.

4. A Slice of History

Agatha Christie’s writing life stretched across several decades, from the early 1920’s to the 1960’s, so you have a wide range of aesthetic details to choose from. For example, if you wanted to have a Poirot themed reception, take your inspiration from the great TV adaptations starring David Suchet. Festoon the tables with those popular flowers of the 30’s, like lilies and white roses, and keep cutlery, dinnerware and condiments sets muted, with a mix of pristine whites and shimmering silver.

5. Host a Murder Mystery Reception

A far out idea yes, but it’ll be a reception that people remember! At Holmewood Hall, you have the perfect setting for such a murder mystery. With its many nooks and crannies, as well as rich decor, it will be as if you’ve stepped into the novels! Think of it as a real life version of Cluedo.

An Agatha Christie themed wedding reception gives you such a wealth of ideas and inspirations, whether it be a specific decade, a particular Christie novel or taking elements from each. You really are spoilt for choice.

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