How to change your name after marriage

One of the main things on a post wedding to-do-list is to change your name and title. You maybe taking your partners name or having a combination of both surnames, there are a few things to consider in deciding how and when to change your name legally after marriage or civil partnership.

There is actually no legal requirement for either partner to change their name after marriage or after entering a civil partnership, but many choose to do so.

Some will continue to use their own surnames, or one partner will take the other partners name, both partners names will be taken or in some cases the two surnames are merged. Here, is a guide on how to change your name and title after the big day.

Official Documents

If you are changing your surname and title after marriage or civil partnership, you will need to make sure you change this on all your legal documentation such as your passport and driving license.

In order to change your name on these documents you will need to send off your marriage license as proof of change of name in marriage. Bear in mind that if you are waiting until after the marriage to change your name on your passport it could take a while for it to come back, especially in peak season, so it may be worth waiting a while to change this, full renewal fees are needed regardless of how long is left on your passport.

You can use your current passport up until it expires, just make sure if you book to go away you use the name that is in your passport to book everything or you will not be able to fly.

Most name changes can be done online and you will be required to send the relevant original documentation and marriage license as proof. Only government approved marriage certificates will be accepted, these are usually ordered from the registry office – it is worth purchasing 2 or 3 copies.

Who Should be Notified?

Once you have your certificate you can start informing organisations of your name and title change. Here is a list of who should be notified:

  • Passport and driving license
  • HM Revenue and customs
  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Credit Cards, Loans and mortgage
  • Utilities and communication providers
  • Insurances and memberships
  • Employer
  • Car registration
  • Local council and electoral register
  • Doctor and dentist

Deed Poll

If you are changing your children’s name to match your married name, you can use a deed poll service to do that. You will be required to fill out the deed poll application form, you will need to send a copy of a birth certificate and written consent from both parents allowing the name change.

If your name change requires you to go through deed poll, for example you are merging names or want it on your passport ready for your honeymoon, there are two options.

You and Your Wedding explain, “If you’ve decided to go for a name option that involves changing your name by deed poll, you have two options when it comes to how to proceed. 

You can apply for the deed poll ahead of your wedding (allow around three weeks for this) and write in the date of your wedding in the comments box of your application. This means the deed poll will be dated for the day of your wedding and you can sign it on the day and have your new name right away. Alternatively, if you’re not in a rush to use your new name, you can apply once the wedding is over and you’ve returned from honeymoon.”

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