Honeymoon ideas for active couples

Honeymoons don’t have to be all about lying on the beach or beside a pool reading books for days on end, not doing anything. Of course, if that’s what you want to do then embrace it and book yourself the most relaxing holiday of a lifetime and spend the whole time vegetating. But don’t feel pressured to spend what might well be the most expensive holiday you’ll ever go on that way, if it’s not your thing.

Freedom to choose

There are so many honeymoon options these days that you can pretty much do anything. The number one thing to bear in mind is that you don’t have to book a honeymoon package. You can book whatever you want and make it the honeymoon of your dreams by considering things thoroughly in advance. Look particularly closely at occasions where you could indulge in a little pampering or have some special treatment as part of a more active holiday. For instance, if you decide you want to spend your honeymoon pony trekking to Machu Picchu then look at what things you might be able to upgrade, such as your accommodation. Or you might want a couple of days of luxury in a fabulous 5-star hotel getting your blisters soothed and muscles massaged after all the adventure is over before you fly home!

Learn something new

Another thing to consider if you’re an adventurous couple is whether or not the two of you would like to learn a new skill or develop an existing one whilst you’re on your honeymoon.

Sailing is a fabulous way to spend a holiday, let alone a honeymoon! Whether you decide to charter a sailboat and set sail solo (if you have the skills and qualifications), or to charter a boat and skipper to share the workload with you, sailing is a romantic, peaceful and action-packed way to spend your first few days as newly-weds. If learning to sail or adding to your sailing experience isn’t for you, then a similar option would be to go on a cruise. With the cruise option you get the added advantage of being able to stop at a huge range of places, not having to do the physical work of sailing and mooring a boat as well as being able to enjoy all the onboard luxuries and activities of your cruise liner, like a spa!

If you’re both avid cyclists than cycling honeymoon might be exactly the thing to get your spokes whirring! The advantage of a cycling honeymoon is that you can hire bikes wherever you decide to go, so if it isn’t practical to fly your bikes over to Thailand (for instance) then you will definitely be able to hire some when you get there. Just remember to take items such as a puncture repair kit and your own helmet with you, for obvious safety reasons. You can go as far afield as you want with a cycling holiday, so flying to Asia is as much on the cards as getting a ferry to France and then hopping on a train down to Bordeaux to cycle through the stunning vineyards and glorious countryside there.

The beauty of backpacking

Backpacking honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular, with young, adventure-loving couples setting off to places like Bali, Costa Rica and India in search of both adrenalin-raising experiences and moments of spiritual awakening. The added bonus of a backpacking holiday is that regardless of your budget this is a honeymoon that will work for you and you can do it across the world. The other huge advantage is that you’ll get to see a significant amount of the country once there because you’ll be moving around, meeting people and swapping stories of places that are a must see from people who have just been there. There are so many incredible countries to visit, your only issue will be deciding which one to head to!

Embrace colder climates

As an alternative to all this heat, if you like frosty, cold holidays where you can get all wrapped up and check out some incredible icy views then a skiing honeymoon might be just the ticket. Just note that if you’re not getting married during the skiing season you’ll have to be prepared to wait until the season begins.

Swoon over a safari

Last but not least, a trekking honeymoon, particularly in somewhere like Africa, is as gorgeous as it is momentous, especially for animal and nature lovers. @brides has put together their advice on ‘How to safari in the Serengeti for the ultimate honeymoon adventure’ and a safari is certainly at the top of our honeymoon destinations list!

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