Beating the heat on your wedding day

With this miserable weather, summer is certain to be the last thing on the average person’s mind. For those busily planning their 2020 wedding however, the warmer months and the unpredictable weather they bring will be major talking points.

Planning for every eventuality is the key when organising any wedding. Spring and summer after all don’t offer any guarantees that the weather will behave itself. Planning for wet weather shouldn’t be your only concern.

Hot weather conditions can mean a flurry of challenges for brides, grooms, and guests. Here, we share our top tips for surviving a summer scorcher on your wedding day.

Stock up on cool drinks

Keeping you, your partner and your guests hydrated throughout the day is integral to enjoying a wedding even when temperatures rise. Make sure there are plenty of soft drinks (including fizzy drinks, juices, and iced water) to hand. Alcohol can have a dehydrating effect, meaning guests may prefer a non-alcoholic beverage to quench their thirst.

If you are splitting your wedding day across two venues, it’s a great idea to offer bottled water to guests as they make their way from your ceremony venue to your reception.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Guests love a goodie bag, and you can use your wedding welcome bags to gift your guests with some hot weather essentials. Mini packets of tissues, travel size deodorants and handheld paper fans – you could even use this crafty guide to turn your ceremony programs into fans – will go down a treat as the day draws on and guests get hotter.

Sunscreen is another essential that should be made available to everyone, especially if you plan to take your wedding day outdoors.

Dress with the weather in mind

Every bride, groom and guest wants to look their best, but it’s important to consider style and comfort, especially if hot weather is a possibility. Your choice of bridal gown will have been several months in the making.

While you can’t predict what the weather has in store for you on your wedding day, choosing a dress that you’ll feel your best in come rain or shine is vital. Weddingomania talks you through their advice for dressing the part in hot weather:

“Choose light fabrics that breathe and won’t make you sweat excessively: cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe or voile over silk. Besides, the lighter the color is, the less heat it will get, so keep it in mind, too.

 A backless dress will make you feel not so hot, and a slit will let the air flow, which is essential for large skirts with lots of fabric. Low cuts and plunging necklines, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses are right what you need to feel better.”

Giving your guests the option to dress appropriately should hot weather strike is also recommended. Your guests should be comfortable enough to enjoy every bit of your special day. Advise on how to dress for maximum comfort, not forgetting to remind them to pack sunscreen and hats.

Choose your venue wisely

Your wedding venue can make a huge difference to just how prepared you can be for hot weather. Selecting a venue that is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside will mean a picture perfect event, even if you have to bring celebrations indoors due to hot weather.

At Holmewood Hall, our historic Tudor mansion (complete with ceremony room, reception rooms and champagne bar) is set in some 10 acres of beautiful grounds, and parkland, so whatever the weather, you can enjoy the wedding day of your dreams.

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