Father of the bride – guide to speeches

One of the highlights of a wedding is the father of the bride speech, although this may be a rather daunting duty for dad, as it is not easy standing in the spotlight entertaining a room full of guests. The father of the bride speech is traditionally the first speech to be done at a wedding, followed by the groom, then the best man. Try and make your speech last around five to eight minutes, that includes ad-libs and laughter.

Even if there is a lot you would like to include, remember less is more, so be firm with yourself. Sticking to the five-minute mark will make sure that you keep your audience engaged, any longer and people’s attention may start to drift.

The father of the bride will need to make a speech which is engaging from the very start. Be funny, get the guests laughing. You could include a short story about your daughter as a child.

Make sure that a mic is organised if needed, some speeches are ruined as guests at the back can’t hear them. Memorise your speech as much as possible. When delivering your speech on the big day, try to relax, don’t talk too fast, smile, and remember to breathe.

If you are struggling to write your father of the speech, we are here to help!

The Formal Welcome

The first thing you should do is introduce yourself, you could also tell a joke which may help relax you. Formally welcome the guests, and thank them for coming. Try to mention the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents into your introductions too.

The Bride

When talking about your daughter, you could tell a few funny anecdotes, or reference some special moments you had together when she was growing up. Make sure you let her know how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress and how proud you are of her. Remember this is her special day, so make this part of your speech heart-warming and memorable.

Hitched has this advice, “When preparing your father of the bride speech, think about what you want to say to your daughter, it may include your bond with her, special memories of her as a child and watching her grow into the woman she is today. You can incorporate some funny anecdotes but be sure not to include anything that would embarrass her! If you know her spouse well, you can add a few stories about them too.”

The Groom

In this part of your speech, you will formally welcome your new son-in-law into your family. Include some stories of when you first met him, and tell him that you are proud to have him as part of your family.

Marriage Wisdom

As the father of the bride you will want to include some parting wisdom to the newly-weds. Give the newly-weds some funny or heart-warming advice, wish them luck, and a long and happy marriage. During this part of your speech, you could add a few tasteful jokes.

The Toast

To conclude your speech, ask that everyone stands and get them to raise a glass to the bride and groom.

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