Where to find ethical engagement rings

With sustainability being such an important factor in our lives these days, sourcing an ethically produced engagement ring is a great way for the socially conscious bride-to-be to enjoy her ring.

There are both human and environmental factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect ring. The harvesting of diamonds itself not only damages the environment but can be closely linked with unlawful labour (wages and health & safety issues). Nowadays, there are many companies that source either recycled or fair-trade gold to serve a generation that is concerned with their carbon footprint.

Fairtrade Metals

It was only back in 2017 that the first Fairtrade gold actually entered the UK, which really isn’t that long ago. This process itself took three years and was strongly supported by funding from Comic Relief. With increasingly more Fairtrade mines being opened, sourcing a one-of-a-kind ring is becoming easier than ever before.

Gold is often mixed with other metals in order to make it harder and tracing the origins of this alloy mix can therefore be hard. With more millennials insisting on ethical jewellery, traceability of the metal is key, this is why more people are turning to platinum or recycled metals to form the base of their engagement ring. Avoiding tarnishing a monumental life occasion with a product that hasn’t been ethically sourced.

Be Cautious with Diamonds

Most jewellers will say that their diamonds are ethically sourced, but unfortunately this often isn’t the case. You’re best off looking for laboratory grown diamonds, which are created under high pressures and temperatures, from a small diamond seed. However, you will pay more for this high-profile technology.

As @Ada Diamonds say, ‘Lab grown diamonds are an ethical, conflict-free way to say “I Love You”’.

Cred Jewellery

Since 1996 Cred Jewelleryhave been sustainably sourcing ethical engagement rings through Fairtrade. Their exclusive Luminous Collection contains 6 styles, with ethically-sourced diamonds from Canada.

Jasmine Bowden

Jasmine Bowden creates magnificent engagement rings from fairly mined metals, as well as recycled gold. She also remodels old rings – making her the perfect person to go to. if you have a family heirloom that needs an update.

Do Amore

For every ring that is purchased from Do Amore, two people in developing countries are provided access to clean water. So you really can start your marriage in the best possible way, sealing your love for someone whilst helping another couple live. The rings are made from recycled precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds, and presented in a box crafted from sustainable wood.

Don’t forget that once you’ve found the perfect jewel for your wedding finger, it really is worth getting your precious ring insured just in case. After all, sustainable and ethical engagement rings do come at a cost.

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