The best engagement gift ideas of 2019

Getting engaged is a wonderful time for any couple. As proposal planning becomes ever more elaborate, so too are the ways newly engaged couples celebrate this milestone event. Many couples throw engagement parties! As a guest, it’s important to come well-equipped to an engagement party. There are a number of great gifts that provide the perfect way to say congratulations long before they walk down the aisle.

Selecting the perfect present for one person is difficult enough, let alone for two people. At this stage, there’s no wedding registry to point you in the right direction either. Don’t despair. Here are our favourite engagement gift ideas for couples celebrating their engagements in style during 2019 to help you on your way.

His and hers sets

Bag your couple the first of many ‘his and hers’ gifts. Choose a his and hers gift that plays on their interests or preferences. Tea lovers will adore a his and hers teacup set, whilst wilder couples may prefer matching wine or champagne glasses.

A classic his and hers gift that could be used in the months and years that follow is a bride and groom handkerchief set. They’ll come in handy on the wedding day itself, they’re ideal for wiping away those tears of joy. Personalised gifts are a great way to celebrate their commitment – they’ll make excellent keepsakes for the years to come.

Wedding day essentials

Kick off the countdown to their wedding day by investing in an item that should be considered a wedding day essential. An emergency wedding kit is a must for any bride or groom, no matter how well prepared they think they are. You can actually purchase complete personalised bride-to-be kits, which are stocked full of interesting and indispensable goodies. The best kits include everything from a lucky sixpence for her shoe and a stash of safety pins for any wedding dress mishaps to all the pampering products brides-to-be need to calm those pre-wedding nerves.

The gift of quality time

The wedding planning process can be hard on the couple at its centre. The whole experience takes a lot of time and effort, with the average time it takes to plan a wedding 12 months according to Hitched’s Wedding Survey. This can leave very little room for spending quality time together as a couple. Making time for each other is important for all relationships, not just in the run up to a wedding, as Psychology Today explains:

“Partners who do things together become more closely connected and come to enjoy each other’s company. That’s because shared experiences give them something in common and that helps make them feel good about each other. For couples who have established a habit of doing things together, they actually come to enjoy these activities more than those they do on their own or with other people.”

Give your newly engaged couple the gift of quality time by giving a voucher for a meal, booking a spa day or buying a ticket for their favourite attraction or activity. These experiences will provide them with the ideal distraction when wedding planning stress gets a little too much.

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