Emergency kit – wedding day essentials

However carefully you plan your wedding day, some things may still go wrong. From torn clothes to blisters and headaches to runny noses, there are all sorts of unwelcome challenges you might have to contend with on your wedding day. Although you might not be able to prepare for every eventuality, packing a wedding day emergency kit will help to ensure you can cope with most common conundrums. So what exactly should you pack in your emergency kit? Keep reading to find out.



Chances are you’ll need a few touch ups over the course of the day so make sure you pack lipstick, mascara, blusher, and anything else you think will come in handy. If you’re prone to tears in emotional situations, you might want to pack a few makeup wipes, so you can remove any smears or other imperfections.

Pain relief

All that pressure and all that socialising can easily lead to a headache. If you forget to stay hydrated, a sore head is even more likely. Pack a few paracetamol in your emergency kit to help you cope if pain strikes.

Breath mints

Breath mints or chewing gum are an emergency kit essential. Like The Knot says, you’ll need to “Get your mouth ready for that first kiss (and all the small talk you’ll be doing at your reception) with mini mints.”


If you’re like most brides, you’ll probably only wear your wedding shoes a handful of times before the big day. This, combined with the fact that you’ll be on your feet for hours, can easily cause blisters to appear. Pack some good quality blister plasters in your emergency kit so you can get relief if your shoes do begin to misbehave.

Sewing kit

If you happen to get a tear in your wedding dress just before you walk down the aisle, an outfit change won’t be an option. Pack a sewing kit so you can make emergency repairs to your dress and get to the church on time.

sewing kit

Wet wipes

Over the course of your wedding day, you’re going to be shaking a lot of hands, eating a lot of nibbles and drinking a lot of drinks. This can easily cause your skin to become sticky and can also increase the chances of you staining your dress. Wet wipes will help you to keep your hands clean and clear throughout the day.


If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ll know that the gaps between nibbles can be painfully long. As a bride, you need to stay alert throughout the day so pack a few snacks to keep you going when hunger strikes. A few granola bars should give you enough energy to get down the aisle and make it through the ceremony. After that, you’ll be able to dig into the canapés.

Packing an emergency wedding kit will help to put your mind at ease and ensure you’re ready for anything. In addition, our team also have a personal wedding kit prepared, so be sure to coordinate with your personal wedding manager to find out how she can help you. Get more ideas and inspiration for your wedding day by exploring our site today.

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