Nailing the perfect confetti photo

The confetti photo is one of the most iconic wedding images you can capture. However, it can be challenging to pull it off properly. It’s a fleeting moment, and once you’ve missed the window for a great shot, you probably won’t be able to recreate it. You’ll need to do some planning and preparation (as well as some wedding day magic) to nail the perfect confetti photo for your wedding album.

Don’t leave everything to chance

Spontaneity is great,  but the success of your wedding photos shouldn’t be left to chance. It all starts with your photographer, the professional charged with taking the all-important confetti shot.

Once you’ve selected your photographer, discuss the key shots you want to capture on your wedding day in advance. With your confetti photo, ask to see examples your photographer has of previous weddings, before discussing the lighting and surroundings required to achieve your perfect shot.

Your surroundings will play an integral role. Where you plan on taking your confetti photos should influence the colour of your confetti, for instance. Select a confetti colour that stands out from your background. If you’re having your confetti photos taken in an open area, mixed colours will provide a better effect.

Select the very best confetti

The days of paper confetti and rice are well and truly over. Here at Holmewood Hall, we only allow the use of fresh petals as confetti, but you’ll actually find that fresh petals are the best for throwing. Fresh petals smell great too!

Small petals in particular, such as wildflower and delphinium petals, provide the light and delicate structure that will fall to the ground more slowly. Using small, fresh petals will have the desired effect and give your photographer more time to capture this truly magical moment. If the confetti colour you want isn’t available as small petals, add small petals to your larger petal selection to achieve that desired slow drop as well as a vibrant and textured effect.

Buy the right amount of confetti

After carefully selecting your confetti colour and type, make sure to obtain the right quantity to create your desired look. Whether you want to go for a full photo of petals or a light shower, getting the right amount for the shot you want is simple with this confetti calculator. Here you can calculate the number of fresh petals you need for throwing, table decorations, petal paths and the baskets of your flower girls.

Give a few throwing lessons

Your confetti photo often comes down to how well your guests can throw; the perfect flutter isn’t created by chance. Wedding Ideas offers their advice on giving your wedding guests a discreet nudge in the right direction:

“Many couples now leave a sign next to their confetti or have their ushers/bridesmaids explain to guests, telling them to grab a handful and throw up high when the time comes. The last thing you want is confetti in your face; throwing it high will ensure it flutters gently to the ground, which will look great on your photos.”

The perfect flutter requires another ingredient – fun! Make sure you and your guests relax and enjoy the moment, leaving you to capture this iconic moment and treasure it forever.

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