Candles could be a favourite favour for 2019

Giving each guest a wedding favour is a great way to thank your loved ones and show them just how much their support means to you. Traditionally, wedding favours consisted of a small bag of five sugared almonds. As @image_magazine says, these almonds “Represented the five pillars of marriage; happiness, health, longevity, wealth, and fertility.” These days, wedding favours can come in a wide variety of different forms. From sweets to personalised glasses and drinks to beauty products, anything goes nowadays.

If you’re getting married in the next few months and are searching for wedding favour inspiration, candles are the perfect way to go. Stylish, meaningful and inexpensive, candles could well be the most popular wedding favour we see in 2019. Keep reading to find out more.

Why a candle?

In general, guests prefer wedding favours that are practical as well as personal. If you give out ornaments or trinkets, they’ll probably end up cluttering someone’s shelf, before being guiltily thrown away in a few years’ time. This is why candles are such a great choice. Not only can guests use them to brighten up their homes, they’ll also serve to remind your nearest and dearest of your happy day whenever they’re lit.

Sticking to your wedding budget

One of the best things about using candles as wedding favours is that they’re very affordable. Although you can, of course, spend a fortune on high quality, designer candles, if you opt for cheaper alternatives and buy in bulk your favours shouldn’t put too much of a hole in your wedding budget. If you opt for basic candles, you can make them look a little prettier by placing them in small jam jars, wrapping them in ribbon or pushing some pressed flowers into the wax. You could even cut each guest’s initial out of cardboard and tie it to their candle using string.

Making your own

If you want to make your wedding favours even more personal – and keep costs down further – why not make them yourself? You can buy wax, wicks and essential oils easily and cheaply online. You can then use these various elements to create your very own scented candles.

Before you get to work melting wax and making candles, you’ll need to find some containers. Save up your old jam jars, and ask friends and family to save theirs too so you have plenty of containers for your candles. Alternatively, go to your local charity shop and buy a bulk load of cheap glasses or teacups. If you’re having a gin, whiskey, champagne or vintage-themed wedding, this can help to make your favours even more fitting.

The perfect choice if you want to show your guests you care, keep costs down and give your loved ones a practical wedding favour, candles will make the ideal addition to your wedding décor. For more ideas on planning a dream wedding, explore our site today.


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