Budgeting tips to get you through the next year

Setting a wedding budget is a vital aspect of the planning process. Budgeting for your big day isn’t just a matter of defining how much you’re prepared to spend and rolling with it however as Wedding Expos Australia details:

“When you start planning for your wedding, discuss with your partner a realistic budget you can work on. Most couples experience arguing about money once in a while, and you would want to steer clear of that. Although you know that you can spend a lot for this special event, knowing your finances and expenses would help you avoid stress along the line.”

To ensure wedding planning is as plain sailing as every bride- and groom-to-be hopes it is, setting a budget is just the beginning. Sticking to your plan and seeing it through right up to the wedding date itself is hard work but well worth it, and there are a few budgeting tips couples planning to marry in summer 2023 should know.

Here we reveal the budgeting advice that’ll get you through the next year so you can plan the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Do consider a midweek wedding date

One of the first to-dos on your planning list and the biggest area of expenditure is booking your wedding venue. The majority of marrying couples book their wedding venues 12 to 14 months in advance to secure the space and date they desire, so with a year to go, now’s the time to finalise this wedding planning must.

Marrying on a weekday is a wedding trend that’s rising in popularity and for good reason. A weekday wedding provides better availability and ease for many brides and grooms; it’s also particularly budget-friendly. By booking a weekday wedding date, you can benefit from reduced rates not just at your chosen venue but with wedding suppliers too.

Don’t underestimate a venue’s natural beauty

Choosing a venue that’s naturally beautiful will tick more boxes than you think budget-wise. With a naturally scenic venue, you’ll spend less on wedding décor so be sure to make use of those stunning scenes available both inside and out throughout your day.

Do ask for a little help from family and friends

We’re not talking financially, but trading skills for wedding gifts is a great way to save and have the wedding of your dreams.

If you have talented friends and family members in your midst, call in a few favours. A friend who has a gift for calligraphy could help to create DIY wedding signage that really looks the part, whilst a relative with a keen eye for floristry could help to arrange your floral displays, bouquets and buttonholes meaning you’ll spend less on those wedding supplies and services.

Don’t be afraid to cut the guest list

Opting for a more intimate wedding is not only extra romantic, but it’ll also save some serious cash. When you tie the knot, it is important to share your day with your nearest and dearest but this doesn’t have to include your cousin twice removed who you only see at the odd family gathering or the work colleague you don’t socialise with outside of the office.

Cutting the number of guests who’ll attend your wedding doesn’t have to be as brutal as it sounds. Read our top tips for cutting your guest list (without offending anyone) for further advice.

Do think differently about décor

You really can be as creative as you like with your wedding décor, which leaves plenty of scope to create budget-friendly displays using non-traditional materials.

Fresh flowers are the go-to for many wedding ceremonies and receptions. But using cut foliage more sparsely and favouring naturally foraged greenery and non-floral decorations to enhance your big day scene will keep you bang on budget and ensure a stunning look.

Don’t overcomplicate things

All too often the simplest creations are the chicest. Use your wedding cake to exude elegance and class by avoiding big, elaborate designs and keeping it simple and sophisticated – it could be a real money saver!

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