Beautiful wedding tattoos

A wedding ring is a special piece of jewellery that symbolises one of the most important milestones in your life. The wedding ring is a reminder of your love and the commitment that you have made to each other.  There has been a growing trend of couples choosing to commemorate their big day by getting matching wedding day tattoos.

Celebrity couples such as the Beckhams and Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have all gone under the ink gun to get wedding tattoos to honour their marriage.

Why get a Wedding Tattoo?

Having a wedding tattoo instead of a wedding ring may seem unusual to some, but there are a few great reasons to go for a tattoo. One of the biggest reasons couples choose to get a wedding ring tattoo is because it is permanent, unless you decide to get it removed.

This would have to be done by using expensive laser treatment which can cost £1000. A ring can easily be lost, but a tattoo is there forever as a reminder of your commitment. Another reason is you can choose your own design or even design the tattoo together.

The cost of an engagement ring and wedding rings is usually one of the biggest expenses when paying for a wedding. The cost of a simple wedding tattoo will start from as little as £50, but could cost more than £2000 depending on how complex your design is.

If you are both set on wedding tattoos, remember that tattoos are permanent, so choose your designs carefully. Brides has this advice,

“Finger and hand tattoos are known to “blow out” or smudge/bleed under the skin either immediately or over time. Don’t expect your cute little diamond design or lover’s initials to be of exceptional quality for long, so choose your design with that in mind. Go for thin lines, simple shapes, and not too much detail.”

Wedding Tattoo Inspiration

The wedding ring tattoo is a circle design, and just like a real wedding ring symbolises neither beginning nor end. It is infinity and defines your bond that you share with each other. The figure eight is a popular design for a wedding tattoo. The figure eight symbolises infinity and represents your eternal love and commitment.

His and hers designs are a cute and modern choice. You could opt for Mr and Mrs or King of hearts and Queen of hearts card symbols for your wedding finger.

Personalise your tattoo with each other’s initials or the date of your wedding. You could opt for a circle band design and have the date of you wedding inked on in roman numerals.

There are lots of cute symbols that could be used to symbolise your marriage. Popular symbols are hearts, knots, anchors, vines, branches, waves, or simply just the words ‘love’.

When designing your own wedding tattoos, make sure that it is something that both of you love, remember this will be permanent. There is something special about a wedding tattoo, it will always be with you and will always be a reminder of the commitment you made to one another on your wedding day.

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