Nailing the 60s bridal look

There’s a lot to love about the swinging sixties. For the people who lived through it or individuals born later and looking back, the era was iconic on every front.

The 1960s was the decade that gave us the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the still iconic Barbie doll, chopper bicycles, go-go boots, Etch A Sketches, and The Sound of Music.

The era also brought about significant, amazing social, political, and cultural change, unlocking freedoms for many and revolutionising life as the British people knew it.

So it’s no surprise that many of the marrying couples wanting to give a nostalgic nod to the past choose to incorporate the 1960s theme into their wedding days.

As well as using quirky, playful, retro ideas to define your wedding theme, going sixties with your wedding day style is a must for those wanting to take the iconic look more seriously.

The groom and his groomsmen may have an easy job embodying the sixties theme – a daring wedding wear look can easily be achieved courtesy of Mod inspired, sharply tailored suits.

Yet, brides have a few more things to think about. Here we take a closer look at how you can be the 1960s inspired bride you’ve always wanted to be!

The dress

Whilst the iconic 1960s mini skirt may not be suitable for most modern day brides, the sixties style can easily be reflected with a tea length wedding gown.

The sixties bridal shape is a calf or knee length, full skirt teamed with a strapless or sleeved and lacy bodice.

The shorter wedding dress style isn’t for everyone however, but you don’t have to miss out on creating a sixties vibe.

Slim and floor skimming silhouettes with minimal detail and short or ¾ length sleeves were also synonymous with the 1960s.

The shoes

Any bridal ensemble is only as fabulous as its accessories, and if you’re opting for a tea length wedding gown, then it’s all about those shoes.

The peep toe heel was big news in the 1960s for formal occasions and this style provides a playful and cute option for today’s brides too.

Adding a pop of colour to your bridal look with your shoes is another great way to showcase your personality as well as enhance your quirky 60s ensemble.

The hair

In the 1960s, the bigger the bouffant, the better. A classic beehive is a great way to complement your 1960s bridal look without going too ‘out there’.

The half-up bouffant – à la Brigitte Bardot – is another stunning, sixties inspired hairstyle that will suit modern brides.

Brides brave enough to opt for a more dramatic bridal hairstyle could go for the pixie cut just like sixties icon Twiggy.

Cropped hair dos haven’t gone out of fashion since the era, with celebrities like Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne both known for sporting super short styles.

Don’t forget to accessorise your hair sixties-style with a short statement veil, floral crown, or oversized hair bow.

The makeup

Sixties makeup is so much more than a flick of black eye liner. There’s a range of stunning 1960s inspired bridal makeup looks that will complement your retro theme to perfection as Bride explains:

“The makeup that epitomizes this era was sexy and liberated. The foundation was formed from pressed powder, finished with peachy natural blusher. Pastel eye shadows were in; shades such as baby blue or a light shade of golden green really sum up this era.

A heavier, blunter eye-liner was preffered for this era, paired with false eyelashes, making there first appearance and creating the doe-eyed look that is associated with this period.”

For a sixties lip, go pale pink with a shimmery lipstick or gloss, and don’t forget to keep those eyebrows thick and defined.


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