Looking ahead to 2021 wedding trends — upcycling

If you’ve recently got engaged, chances are you’ll be looking ahead to a wedding sometime in 2021. While this might feel like a lifetime away at the moment, the day is guaranteed to come round sooner than you think — so it’s time to get planning. Here are some of the hottest 2021 wedding trends for inspiration.


Upcycling is already popular with many couples and is set to be a growing trend in the coming year. Upcycling – reusing and repurposing items you already own or have bought second hand – can be applied to lots of different parts of a wedding. You could wear a vintage wedding dress for your walk up the aisle, reuse bunting from a local school fete or buy your cake stands and vases from a charity shop.

With a little love and imagination, a lot of second-hand items can be transformed into stylish and unique decorations, accessories and outfits. This can be a great way to keep your wedding within budget, reduce waste and stamp your personality on your big day.

Plant-based menus

Between 2014 and 2019, the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled to almost 600,000. Many more millions are vegetarian or follow an ethical ‘flexitarian’ diet. This growing trend is set to have a big impact on weddings in 2021, with more and more couples opting for a plant-based menu. Luckily for those who have gone meat-free, the quality and variety of plant-based food have exploded in recent years, ensuring your guests are in for a treat. Here at Holmewood Hall we have some fantastic vegan options on our food menus!

Customised beauty

Brides increasingly want an individual and unique experience on their wedding day. In the coming year, this is set to include personalised beauty products like lashes. As @bestylish says, “If you want to make sure your bridal look is more flamboyant than your everyday appearance, focus on the lashes. Applying customized individual lashes can instantly enhance your eyes and open them up like never before.”

Eco decorations and accessories

From flowers to centrepieces and straws to plates, next year’s weddings are going to be greener than ever. There are often quick, easy and affordable ways to boost the eco-credentials of your big day. For example, you could buy live plants instead of cut flowers for your centrepieces and you could compost your bouquets instead of chucking them in the bin. Swapping plastic straws, cups and plates for biodegradable alternatives is another good way to minimise your impact on the environment. Talk to your venue to find out about the eco options they offer.

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