Top 5 Ideas for a 1940’s Themed Wedding

At the end of the Second World War, it was said that the world was like a sewing box, one which had been shaken up and tipped out. In 1945, people began to put everything back in its rightful place. However, the 40’s was also a time of new technology, fashions and music. The 1940’s theme is a popular choice, one that fits beautifully within Holmewood Hall, CHW’s latest venue acquisition.

1940s wedding theme

From having a ration-inspired reception dinner to dressing the boys as GI’s, there are many fabulous ways you can be inspired by this fascinating decade.

1. 40’s Chic

It wasn’t all about dressing in browns and sombre colours. As war raged, people desperately desired a bit of fun and frivolity. Womenswear became that bit more colourful, a trend that would continue on into the 1950’s. The dark browns, khakis and blacks were left behind once women had finished doing the chores or working in the factories, when it was time for fun. Out came the seductive reds, pristine whites and sunshine yellows.

2. Evacuee Parcels for the Little Ones

With thousands upon thousands of young children sent from the cities to the countryside, one thing that was guaranteed to cheer them up was a parcel of treats. They were often sent by the Home Office, who were determined to keep the spirits of the nation upbeat throughout the war. These parcels usually included things like chocolate, comics and little toys. A sweet idea is to gift your little guests some evacuee parcels. Include things like vintage chocolate bars and wooden toys.

3. Fresh Flowers

Weddings have always been a time of celebration, but during World War Two, with a continuous stream of worry and anxiety, weddings became that extra bit special. With so little funds and materials available to make a wedding spectacular, whatever could be found did the job. Fresh flowers, always in abundance during spring and summertime, were the decor of choice. As Top Wedding Sites says: “Vintage wedding florals were often easily-sourced blooms like carnations, chrysanthemums and calla lilies. Simple ribbons puddling to the floor served as aisle decor. Bouquet styles ranged from dainty nosegays — old-fashioned blooms clipped from the garden — to the more luxurious, oversized cascade style.”

4. Retro Punch

Simplicity was the key back during the 40’s. One great idea is to dispense with the champagne and wines and opt for punch. With its bright colours and unique taste, punch was the favoured beverage for a wedding. There’s an abundance of punch recipes you can choose from.

5. Fake Cake

Keeping once more with the rationing theme, explore the idea of a fake cake. During the 1940’s, many wedding cakes you see in old photographs were in fact fakes. Usually made of wood or cardboard, these cake designs would be hollow so as to conceal a much smaller real cake. It really is a fun thing to do if you really want to capture the vibes of the era.

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